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    Leadership & Laughter Bridges the gap between employee and employer. Leadership is about inspiring your team to achieve desired results and improve the organization. We create a safe and respectful training environment for both parties to find common ground, so they can achieve results they're looking for. We arm your leaders with the foundation needed to create an engaging, respectful, and trusting workplace culture. Laughter eases the tension and mends the personal pain which otherwise goes unaddressed and usually shows up negatively in your organization causing countless issues.

  • Improving Productivity

    Productivity is getting the important things done consistently by combining the Fundamentals of leadership and the rules of improv. This powerful combination assists leaders by giving the secrets to being more productive.

    Reducing Turnover​

    We arm leadership with the foundation needed to create an engaging, respectful, and trusting workplace culture that attracts and retains the best employees.

    Maximizing Profitability

    When your people, processes, and strategy are in alignment, you reduce the hidden cost of turnover which maximizes your organizations profitability.

    Increasing Morale & Motivation

    Our Leadership and Laughter Workshop empowers and inspires leaders at all levels. We develop positive, respectful, productive relationship that increase morale and motivation.

  • Event Hosts

    Donnell Johns

    Donnell E. Johns Sr., Command Sergeant Major Retired, Founder, Avision Worldwide Leadership Consulting Firm. He is a business coach and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. With his intensive focus on leadership, sales, recruiting, retention and human capital improvement, cultivated by over 26 years as a human resource professional, he facilitates collaborative decision making and planning, leading to the success of Countless organizations.


    Darren Council

    Darren is the Co-Founder of Real Life Productions, where the mantra is, we make communication easy. Darren and his wife Lawanda have been entrepreneurs for over 14 years and been married for 16. Darren was also in the military over 7 years with a deployment to Iraq. From Darren's perspective Leadership and Laughter is another extension of how he is assisting with helping his community have fun talking to one another. Him and his wife also do marriage facilitating with Unscripted Marriage, and run a local improv group called Unscripted DC.

  • Testimonials

    "Leadership and Laughter...what an awesome workshop! I came because I know that I am a leader, I am leaving with so much more than I could ever imagine! I have learned so much about myself and how I can do better as a leader and share my learning experience to others who have the desire to be leaders. Both Donnell and Darren were very knowledgeable and present invaluable information that you must here!" - Cynthia Porter-Johnson, Transportation Project Manager at PRTC

    "The Leadership and Laughter Workshop was fabulous, on-point, and coordinated! I learned to lead and laugh while giving people strong direction and structural guidance. Donnell and Darren were hilarious and incredibly interactive to make their message come alive by using practical approaches to leading and motivating your team!" - Jon Rutenberg, President at Computer Consultants Corporation

    "Leadership is about serving and understanding, while Laughter is about listening! Leadership and Laughter have given me insight as to what I should to serve, understand, and listen better!" - Kevin F. Seiger-Cottoms, Sole Proprietor at KC's Learning Institute

    "I attended the Leadership and Laughter Workshop and it was phenomenal! It was impactful, informational, and captivating! I so needed this and am inspired to take action! I knew I had the leadership in me, but I have not exercised it. Success has a way of showing clues and Leadership and Laughter gave me the right insight! If you trying to be better at work as a leader, work in business, or in the corporate sector, you need to attend this workshop!" - Christina Wilson, Corporate Support at Eastport at Eastport Analytics, Inc

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